Leasing vs. Buying
a Mercedes-Benz Vehicle

Once you’ve set your eyes on your next new Mercedes-Benz vehicle, you’ll likely be exploring your options to lease or buy it. While both situations offer benefits, you’ll need to determine which arrangement is best for you based on your own personal needs and desires. Find out more about leasing vs buying below, and then meet with a finance specialist to discuss how you can drive home in your new Mercedes-Benz today!

Benefits of Leasing a Mercedes-Benz

Leasing a vehicle allows you to attain a new model with lower monthly payments in most circumstances as you’re paying for the vehicle’s depreciation rather than its listed cost. Leasing is beneficial for those who like to trade-in their vehicle for a new model within a couple of years since it removes the stress of selling your vehicle — although you will most likely have the option to purchase the leased vehicle if you decide to keep it. This flexibility can be beneficial should your lifestyle needs change within a couple of years.

Benefits of Buying a Mercedes-Benz

Purchasing a vehicle outright or through financing means you won’t have restrictions on mileage or customization as the vehicle is owned by you and can be used at your discretion. You’ll also have the benefit of receiving some of your investment back when selling the vehicle down the road, as opposed to making payments that go toward the vehicle’s loss of value due to depreciation. You also won’t have to worry about paying more for normal wear and tear incurred by ownership, which you would have to before returning a leased vehicle to the dealer.

Explore Your Leasing or Buying Options at Mercedes-Benz of Palm Springs

We welcome you to explore our inventory of new Mercedes-Benz vehicles and meet with a member of our finance team to determine whether you’d like to lease or buy a Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Our showroom is located at 4095 East Palm Canyon Drive. To make an appointment, speak with a sales specialist by calling us at (866) 413-2555 or leave a message online with any questions today.

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